Traditional vs. Premium Dentures

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Traditional vs Premium Dentures

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are prosthetic devices that basically serve as false teeth. They can take the place of some (partial) or all (complete) teeth. Not only do they cost significantly less than other solutions, but they are also less invasive, require little recovery and aren't dependent on the quality and quantity of the underlying bone structures. Traditional dentures rely on suction and soft tissue support to stay in place. This tried-and-true solution to tooth loss has come a long way from the old dentures of the past. While the basics remain the same, the materials and fabrication methods have vastly improved. Dentures can now be designed and created from a variety of dental-grade materials, including porcelain or acrylic. They can also be crafted in a way as to be virtually indistinguishable from real teeth to the casual observer.

Premium Dentures

Premium dentures look more like your natural teeth than traditional dentures because they have more molds and shades to select from. They are also made using higher quality materials, so they will last longer and "chew" better.  Additionally, techniques and procedures that are not included with standard dentures are used to record all your facial information so as to recreate the character of your smile and restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles. By using these techniques, procedures and high-quality materials, your new dentures will look life-like and have optimal fit, function, and appearance. 

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